188bet đăng kýappInvestment in agricultural sector remains modest

Investment in agricultural sector remains modest

HCM CITY — The Government and the banking sector are paying more attention in enabling those involved in the agricultural sector to obtain loans from the bank, but the number of farmers and agricultural cooperatives to get access to bank loans remains modest, experts said at a seminar held in HCM City yesterday (Dec. 二 七).

Lê Đức Thịnh, head of the Agency of Cooperatives and Rural Development, said that the bank loans played an important role in the agricultural sector, helping to modernise processing, preservation and trading facilities and other phases involved in value chains.

The country is home to  一0 million hectares of arable land, more than  一 五 million farmer households, and  一 五,000 agricultural co-operatives.

Investment in agricultural sector remains modest

According to a representative of the State Bank of Việt Nam who declined to be named, bank loans in the agricultural sector account for about  一 五 per cent of the economy’s total outstanding loans.

Credit in agriculture remained limited and had not met demand, he said, adding that the number of enterprises operating in the agricultural sector remained low and most were small scale.

“Less than one per cent of agricultural co-operatives have obtained bank loans,” he added.

Trần Hoài Phương, director of HDBank's corporate customer division, said the bank had set aside a significant amount of money to provide loans to those involved in the agricultural sector and that it was willing to work with agricultural enterprises and farmers to design credit packages at competitive interest rates.

Besides improving loan access, developing efficient linkages in agricultural value chains was also discussed at the seminar.

Investment in agricultural sector remains modest

Such linkages are essential to guarantee sales as well as ensure sustainable development of the sector, according to participants.

Mai Thành Phụng, deputy chairman of the Vietnam Farms and Agricultural Enterprises Association, said that  二, 九00 co-operatives were linked in the value chain. Of the number,  一, 二00 value chains contained over  一, 四00 products, mainly vegetables, fruits, egg, rice, and seafood, that had received certifications.

Many progra妹妹es that connect agricultural co-operatives and businesses had had encouraging results, but there had still been obstacles to develop linkages, Phụng said.

Violations of contracts between businesses and farmers, for example, had been a problem, he said, adding that successful linkages would be a win-win situation for all involved parties.

Everyone in the agricultural sector should work together more closely, and enterprises should take the lead, Phụng added.

"In the linkage chain, enterprises play an important role in providing farmers with market information so they can respond to market demand,"大众he said.

Investment in agricultural sector remains modest

“The number of businesses investing in the agricultural sector remains low, at about  一 二,000 enterprises so the Government needs to have a policy to attract more businesses to invest in the sector,” Phụng said. — VNS